Water Hash

What does Water Hash mean?

Water hash is also called bubble hash, and sometimes ice water hash. Essentially, it is hashish that has been strained and concentrated using nothing but ice and water, which eliminates the need for harsh chemicals in the extraction process, such as isopropyl alcohol or butane.

More Info on Water Hash

Creating hash requires that resin glands be separated from cannabis plant material, filtered, and then concentrated. There are many ways to achieve this. One of the most common is called quick washing, which relies on isopropyl alcohol. However, another option is to create water hash.

Essentially, water hash is created by using ice and water to filter out resin glands from plant material, and then concentrate them without the use of alcohol or other chemicals. The result is a higher-quality hashish with better flavor and a more refined aroma. There will be no leftover solvents to create harsh flavors, or that might lead to unwanted complications.

The process of making water hash is similar to that of making isopropyl hash oil, but there are some important differences. Rather than alcohol, you will use water and ice, as well as an electric mixer. Note that you will also need a mesh screen with openings approximately 155 microns in size.

The marijuana being used should be placed in a Ziploc bag and frozen for at least an hour prior to use. Next, combine cold water and ice in a bowl, and add the marijuana. Use the electric mixer to combine them, blending for up to three minutes.

Once the water has turned a tan color, the mixture should be strained using the mesh into a glass bowl. This is then placed in the freezer for 45 minutes. Do not allow it to freeze. The resin glands will freeze, and sink to the bottom of the bowl, where they can be collected for further processing.

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