What does Vaporization mean?

Vaporization is the process used to alter a cannabis concentrate or plant material from a solid concentrate to an inhalable vapor mist. The process is a popular way to utilize medicinal marijuana.

During the vaporization process, the cannabis must be heated to a combustion point of 392 degrees Fahrenheit. The temperature heats the plant’s resin cannabinoids and causes them to form a vapor without igniting. The vapor can then be inhaled without the negative side effects that are often experienced from the harsh smoke.

Numerous types of vaporizers are available such as vape pens, desktop vaporizers, and portable vapes.

More Info On Vaporization

Vaporization is a favored way to inhale cannabis because it does not irritate the respiratory tract. It is a way to utilize the plant or concentrates entire psychoactive benefits. Cannabis smoke is typically made up of 88 percent non-cannabinoid substances but vaper consists of a ratio of 95 percent pure cannabinoids. The high levels of cannabinoids are rapidly absorbed by the body.

Vaporization of marijuana is the ideal way to receive the maximum amount of cannabinoids compared to smoking cannabis. It is also free of most toxins and easier on the lungs. Most vape users do not experience any coughing or throat problems after vaping.

To achieve vaporization, vaporizers are either battery operated or use electricity (plugged in). Vaporization is more commonly referred to as vaping, or a person may say they prefer “to vape” rather than say they like vaporization. In other words, vaporization is what is happening to the cannabis product, and vaping is how the user is consuming said vaporization.

One of the best desktop vapes for vaporization is the Silver Surfer Vape.

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