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Systemic Pesticide

What does Systemic Pesticide mean? A systemic pesticide is a form of pesticide that is water soluble and absorbed by a plant when applied to its roots, seeds, or leaves. Once the pesticide is absorbed by the target plant, the chemicals in the pesticide will circulate through a plant’s system. This results in the plant killing any […]

Synthetic Urine

What does Synthetic Urine mean? Synthetic urine is fake urine that is used to beat or pass a drug test. The artificial urine is manufactured to resemble human urine that is clean and has no trace of drugs or other substances such opiates, marijuana, cocaine, or other illegal drugs that would make a person fail a drug […]

Synthetic Rooting Hormone

What does Synthetic Rooting Hormone mean? A synthetic rooting hormone is a synthesized, man-made form of a plant’s natural hormone indoleacetic acid (IAA), also referred to as auxin. The synthetic auxin hormone stimulates root growth in plants. The hormone also plays a key role in a plant’s ability to reproduce through embryo creation, in cell division, and […]

Synthetic Fertilizer

What does Synthetic Fertilizer mean? Synthetic fertilizers are man-made, inorganic fertilizers. They are normally derived from the by-products of the petroleum industry and include such ingredients as potassium sulfate, ammonium phosphate, superphosphate, and ammonium nitrate. Most synthetic fertilizers do not contain as many of the micronutrients that plants frequently require for healthy growth. Synthetic fertilizers tend to […]

Synthetic Cannabinoids

What does Synthetic Cannabinoids mean? Synthetic cannabinoids are man-made chemicals that are sprayed or applied to plant material that resembles cannabis plants to make it replicate marijuana. The material with the synthetic cannabinoids, which is considered synthetic cannabis, is then smoked or vaporized. In some cases, natural cannabis concentrates are being tainted by the additions of synthetic […]


What does Synthesis mean? Synthesis is the method used by plants to create crucial proteins and hormones. Synthesis is performed when plants combine light energy and chemical compounds through a sequence of biochemical reactions. This process is crucial to the production of important substances that are responsible for all aspects of a plant’s health and vitality. More […]


What does Syndros mean? Syndros is a United States Food and Drug Administration (FDA) approved prescription cannabinoid. It is prescribed for the treatment of chemotherapy-induced vomiting and nausea and also as an appetite stimulant for sufferers of Acquired Immune Deficiency Syndrome (AIDS) who are experiencing disease-related weight loss. Syndros is a liquid form of dronabinol. It is […]


What does Symbiosis mean? Symbiosis refers to the biological and long-term interaction between plants. Also known as companion planting, symbiosis refers to the practice of planting plants with similar pH together. In some cases, dissimilar plants can also be planted together even if they do not have the same pH due to their symbiotic relationship. More Info […]

Sustainable Gardening

What does Sustainable Gardening mean? Sustainable gardening is a method of growing plants such that the garden is able to successfully sustain itself without requiring any outside resources, pesticides, or herbicides. Sustainable gardening is always organic. The benefits of sustainable gardening are many, including less reliance on watering and no chemical or pesticide use. More Info On Sustainable […]


What does Sustainability mean? Sustainability is a landscape or plant environment that can completely care for itself independently with the available natural resources. Sustainable biology includes enough diversity that it can continue indefinitely. Marshes, forests, or wetlands are all considered sustainable biological environments. Sustainable biology is able to thrive without any human intervention for decades or centuries. […]
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