Synthetic Urine

What does Synthetic Urine mean?

Synthetic urine is fake urine that is used to beat or pass a drug test. The artificial urine is manufactured to resemble human urine that is clean and has no trace of drugs or other substances such opiates, marijuana, cocaine, or other illegal drugs that would make a person fail a drug test.

Synthetic urine is manufactured to contain the adequate levels of creatine, uric acid, urea, nitrates, and also be at the optimal pH level to ensure that it mimics real human urine. It also features a real urine smell and contains the adequate balance of minerals and water to give it a urine-like appearance.

 Synthetic Urine

A drug test is a chemical test designed to determine if an individual has consumed any illicit substances in the recent past. They are largely done through urine testing. Drug tests are usually part of the hiring process, but can also be used in the case of an on-the-job accident, prior to promotions, and in many other instances.

Given that there are serious consequences for failing a drug test due to alcohol use (marijuana included), a select few people will turn to synthetic urine to ‘pass’ the test.

High-grade synthetic urine will help the user successfully pass a drug test. However, drug tests are constantly being upgraded and may detect fake urine. In addition, with legislation in some states changing to allow for marijuana use, the future of drug testing may change to allow for some levels of marijuana, reducing the amount of synthetic urine being sold.

Synthetic urine is available for purchase at many smoke and sex shops. It often comes with a heating pad to hold the bag of urine safely against the user’s body so that it heats to the necessary temperature to pass a drug test. The urine is then released out of a small tube form its container so it can secretly fill the drug test cup.

Synthetic urine is also available for purchase as a dry powder-like substance. The powdered forms of synthetic urine typically need to be used within eight hours of mixing or the fake urine starts to break down.


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