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White Rhino

What does White Rhino mean? White Rhino is the name of a cannabis strain. It is a hybrid of two other strains; White Widow and an unknown Native America strain are the parent plants of White Rhino. The White Rhino plant’s lineage can be traced to Afghanistan, Brazil, and India. The strain is highly favored by medical […]

Wet Wall

What does Wet Wall mean? The term wet wall is a construction term that has carried over to the world of hydroponic gardening. Essentially, a wet wall is simply a wall that holds water pipes and has been designed to resist moisture. They are most common in vertical gardening to contain the garden’s irrigation system. More Info […]

Wet Trimming

What does Wet Trimming mean? Wet trimming is the process of trimming the flowers from a marijuana plant while it is still wet (fresh), that is, before the plant has fully dried. Wet trimming offer some benefits, including faster production. Wet trimming, as opposed to dry trimming, is a matter of personal preference. More Info On Wet Trimming […]


What does Weedstagram mean? Contrary to what the name suggests, Weedstagram is not an app or social network. Rather, it is a hashtaged term used on Instagram, Twitter, and other existing social media sites to track trending cannabis-related posts and pictures. Weedstagram (#weedstagram) has become one of the most popular hashtags used to highlight cannabis pictures and […]

Weed Tea

What does Weed Tea mean? Cannabis tea is a warm or cold beverage made primarily with cannabis and water. Instead of inhaling the cannabis, it is absorbed through the digestive tract. Consuming cannabis tea is comparable to that of other edibles, in that the effects may take longer to be noticeable and therefore there is a greater […]

Weed Milk

What does Weed Milk mean? Cannabis milk may refer to regular, dairy milk that has been infused with cannabis, or commercially available hemp or hemp seed milk. When referring to the milk infused with cannabis, it is also called “Marijuana Milk.” Hemp milk is usually made with hemp seeds, water, a sweetener and some flavoring agent such […]

Weed Maps

What does Weed Maps mean? Weedmaps is an online platform (both a website and mobile application) for individuals involved in both the medical marijuana community and the legal recreational marijuana community. On Weedmaps there is a combination of free and fee-based information that can be obtained regarding the location and contact information of dispensaries, medical professionals, storefronts, […]


What does Weed mean? Weed is a term that is often used to refer to marijuana. The term weed is most commonly used specifically in reference to smoking (i.e. “Let’s go smoke some weed.”). It joins a list of hundreds of other code or slang terms used to refer to cannabis in general. The term ‘weed’ is […]

Wax Vaporizer

What does Wax Vaporizer mean? Wax vaporizers are commonly called wax pens or wax vaporizer pens. The wax vaporizer pen is a small vaporizer that is the size of a pen. In addition to pen sizes, however, wax vaporizers come in many styles such as portable, desktop, and other style dab vaporizers. Wax vaporizers heat with a […]


What does Wax mean? Wax is a form of cannabis concentrate. It looks like a thick, oily substance. Many people say it resembles honey. Cannabis wax is exceptionally potent and contains 75 to 90 per cent tetrahydrocannabinol (THC) levels. It is smoked using a dab oil rig that vaporizes the concentrate and gives the user an almost […]
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