What does Wax mean?

Wax is a form of cannabis concentrate. It looks like a thick, oily substance. Many people say it resembles honey.

Cannabis wax is exceptionally potent and contains 75 to 90 per cent tetrahydrocannabinol (THC) levels. It is smoked using a dab oil rig that vaporizes the concentrate and gives the user an almost instant high.

Its high concentration level of THC makes wax extremely pricey at dispensaries. It typically costs up to four times more per gram compared to traditional cannabis bud.

More Info On Wax

Wax is also commonly called butane hash oil (BHO). It is created through a complicated extraction process that involves packing cannabis plant material into a glass test tube.

Butane is used as a solvent to force the cannabis plant’s resin trichomes away from the plant material. The butane is pushed through the cannabis filled test tube to heat the plant material and pull the cannabinoid-rich oil out. The oil is purged using heat and the leftover sticky residue is wax.

Recently, other extraction methods, such as closed-loop extraction, have been utilized to create wax because traditional butane extraction is highly flammable.

There are many different forms of cannabis concentrates, many of which are named for the consistency and texture of the product. In addition to wax, there is shatter, budder, honey, oil, and more.

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