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What does MMJ mean? MMJ is medical marijuana and is really the same as recreational marijuana. More info on MMJ Marijuana or MMJ is legal in more and more states pushing the edge of prohibition to extinction.  Once cannabis prohibition is over there will still need to be medical marijuana, but at that point, even more […]


What does MID mean? Marijuana of varying potency and quality depending on the particular area. For instance, some may call mids marijuana that is as potent as dro but the buds are not as shapely and contain seeds and some stems. They are also lamp dried so the smoke is harsher and not as tasteful. Mids may also be seedless, […]


What is the meaning of Mex? This is low grade cannabis or marijuana from Mexico More info on Mex The nation’s capital has several bills in the running that will legalize small amounts of marijuana and create a program to monitor the sale and consumption of cannabis, opening the door to regulated dispensaries. These policy […]


What is the meaning of Mary Jane? Mary Jane is another name for cannabis or marijuana. More info on Mary Jane Definition: The term and fictional lady character of ‘Mary Jane’ is a play on the sound of the pronunciation of “marijuana.”  When pot was more taboo, using the term ‘Mary Jane’ was an undercover […]


What does Myrcene mean? Myrcene is an essential oil found in many different plants. It is also found in quite a few strains of marijuana, and is being studied for its many potential medical uses. It is also responsible for creating strong fragrances and tastes. Found in plants ranging from hops to thyme and even mangoes, beta-myrcene […]

Mycorrhizal Inoculum

What does Mycorrhizal Inoculum mean? Mycorrhizal inoculum is a fungi that forms a symbiotic relationship with the roots of most plants. The term is derived from the Greek “mykos” meaning a fungus and “riz” defined as roots. An inoculum is essentially an inoculation, so mycorrhizal inoculum is an inoculation of the roots with a beneficial fungi. Mycorrhizal […]

Mycorrhizal Fungi

What does Mycorrhizal Fungi mean? Mycorrhizal Fungi are highly beneficial in the soil. The fungi form a symbiotic relationship with the plant’s root system. Approximately 90 percent of all plants that grow on Earth will readily partner with mycorrhizal fungi. The fungi help the plant readily absorb nutrients and in exchange, the plant produces an abundance of […]


What does Mycorrhiza mean? Mycorrhiza is a a beneficial type of fungi that grows in association with most plant roots. Unlike most types of fungus, mycorrhiza has actually been shown to be beneficial to plants. Consequently, they are commonly used as quality and growth enhancers when it comes to horticultural and agricultural crops. Mycorrhizae increase the root’s […]


What does Mycoplasma mean? A mycoplasma is a microscopic, bacteria-like organism that lacks a cell wall around its cell membrane, and is the smallest species of bacterial cells that have been discovered. Studies suggest that this genus of bacteria most likely developed through degenerative evolution from Gram-positive bacteria. More on Mycoplasma Mycoplasma are prokaryotes, however because they lack […]


What does Mycology mean? Mycology is the branch of biology that deals with the study of fungi. It includes the research of their genetic and biochemical properties, and their use in medicine and food along with their hazards. The term mycology is a concoction of the Greek words mukēs, meaning fungus, and logia, meaning study. Fungi are […]
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