Watts Per Day

What does Watts Per Day mean?

For a cannabis growers, watts per day is a simple term referring to the average amount of watts their grow room consumes on a daily basis. Knowing this information gives them some understanding of their overall energy expenditure, which they will further use in their return on investment (ROI) calculations and business expenditure reports.

Watts per day for cannabis cultivation is always a cost factor for growers. Energy bills tend to be steep when using grow lights. The watts per day can be figured by considering that one-kilowatt hour equates to a 1,000 watts per hour. All watts in the grow room must be figured when trying to determine how many watts per day are used. Once the watts have been determined, they must then be multiplied by the hours per day that they will be operating.

Generally, lights in a cannabis grow room are left on for 12 to 18 hours per day. However, all electronic devices in the grow room’s watt per day usage need to be factored in and many of those devices, such as fans, will run for a straight 24 hours.

More Info On Watts Per Day

After the watts per day have been determined by adding up all of the electronic equipment’s energy consumption, a grower can go on to determine how much energy is being used per month and the overall cost of the electricity. Electric companies provide their cost per kilowatt, which is highly beneficial in determining future bills.

Cannabis plants vary in size. Generally, it takes 50 watts per square foot to illuminate a plant and most cannabis plants take up approximately three square feet per plant, so 150 watts per plant are required to meet the plant’s light requirements. Once the per plant watts have been determined, the number of hours per day that the lights will be in use must be factored into the ratio to figure out how many watts per day are being used to grow the single plant.

In addition to watts per day, a grower is also keenly interested in determining their grams per day, which is an analysis of how effective their current grow cycle is performing. They can often compare their watts per day calculation with their grams per day analysis to figure out what changes in their grow room have had a positive or negative effect on the current growth cycle as compared to the one before it.

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