Butane Torch

What Is A Butane Torch?

A butane torch is a too that uses butane and oxygen in the air to produce an intensely hot flame.  These torches can get as hot as 2610 degrees with most of them landing in the range of 2500 degrees.  This temperature is high enough to melt many common metals, such as aluminum and copper, and hot enough to vaporize many organic compounds as well.


More info on a button torch:

In the cannabis industry, a butane torch is used to heat a banger, to clean a banger as well as to heat up hot knives.  You can also use a butane torch to clean your flavor disc or anything that is dirty that can be heated to extream temperatures like quartz and ceramic.

How To Use & Fill A Butane Torch

With the rising popularity of using a banger, the torch is becoming a normal thing to see these days.  With simple maintenance and care your torch should last you many years.  Using a torch is pretty basic, with the biggest thing to remember is safety.  Never point a torch at yourself, another person, or anything that is combustible.

How To Light Your Torch

1 – Lightly turn the gas valve on until you hear a small his

2 – Press the piezo lighter button to make a spark and light the torch

How To Turn Your Torch Off

1 – Turn your dial off, or depress the button depending on your torch brand

Quick Tip If Your Flame Has Become Erratic Or Is Not As Powerful As Before

1 – Look at your torch head and see if there is any gunk in the tip.  If there is use an air hose or air can to spray it out clean.

Quick Tip If You Are Not Able To Light Your Torch With The Pezo Lighter

1 – Look at your torch tip and make sure the piezo wire is not touching the torch head.  There needs to be a gap in order for a spark to happen.  Also, the gap cannot be too big.  A gap with about a 3-5mm is a good gap.



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