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What does Zone mean? A zone is a region used to classify plant hardiness by various climates. An appropriate climate for specific plants is essential for optimum plant growth and yield. The zones depicted on a zone map help provide accurate information to determine a plant’s suitability for a given location. The United States Department of Agriculture […]

Zinc (Zn)

What does Zinc (Zn) mean? Zinc is one of the chemical elements on the periodic table with the symbol Zn and the atomic number 30. It is the 24th most abundant element on Earth’s crust and has five stable isotopes. Zinc is an important mineral that is naturally present in some food. It is even added to foods […]

Zero Tolerance

\What does Zero Tolerance mean? Zero tolerance is a widely used expression in various organizations, businesses, and institutions that refers to policies that essentially ban the presence of something, which is most often dangerous goods, weapons, and/or harmful substances like drugs. Varying degrees of punishment are often in place for anyone caught violating a zero tolerance policy. […]

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