Cannabidiol – 356 Plays a Significant Role in the Application of Cannabis

Cannabidiol – 356 Plays a Significant Role in the Application of Cannabis

Cannabidiol is among the 100 naturally occurring chemicals called phytocannabinoids. In addition to THC, Cannabidiol is the most abundant cannabinoid that accounts for around 40% of the total phytocannabinoid content.

Recently, Cannabidiol – 356 has been brought in the limelight as medical and scientific communities continue to find evidence for CBD’s used to treat various conditions.

The Medical Application of Cannabis and Cannabidiol – 356

When we speak of cannabis medicinal application, we cannot find any other cannabinoid as significant as Cannabidiol. CBD is one of the first cannabinoids discovered. It continues to be the most intensively studied chemicals in the entire marijuana research.

Typically, Cannabidiol is non-psychotropic. This indicates that CBD doesn’t have any sort of psychoactive effect present in THC. Indeed, Cannabidiol goes a step ahead. It does not only produce high effects but also counteracts the major cognitive effects associated with THC.

The lack of psychoactivity of CBD holds significance as due to this CBD becomes an exception to legal laws which ban cannabis or marijuana claiming the presence of THC. This is why; the research related to cannabinol has further advanced than other cannabinoids research.

Not to mention, this is the sole reason why you can find a wide availability of CBD based legal supplements and medicines. There are numerous medical cannabis patients who find THC psychoactive effects quite undesirable. Hence, CBD is the only cannabinoid that provides several therapeutic and medical benefits related to cannabis, without causing high effects.

The Chemical Structure of CBD Differs From THC

Cannabidiol has quiet dissimilar chemical structure than THC. That is why; both of them offer different biological effects. To fully understand these biological effects of THC and CBD, one must first understand the body’s receptor systems.

The Great Medicinal Benefits of CBD – 356

CBD has various medical benefits which have always been the subject of research studies. Similarly, there are many types of research which suggest the possible benefits of CBD compound.

To judge the efficacy and safety of a compound, human studies are known as the perfect level of evidence. Thus the humans’ based recent studies fully support the CBD use for following conditions;

Anxiety – As per the study, 24 anxiety patients were given 600mg of CBD and were tested for the signs and symptoms. As a result, and on the measures of alertness, discomfort and cognitive impairment, the CBD-treated patients did as good as the healthy person who never had a social anxiety issue.

Parkinson’s disease21 patients suffering from Parkinson’s disease received CBD at 300mg/day or 75md/day. The patients were rated for quality of life after receiving treatment and the300mg/day group scored way higher in terms of overall quality of life. Similarly, in some other study, patients who were given doses over 300mg/day exacerbated Parkinsonism.

Similarly, there have been many human-based studies of dystonia, schizophrenia, graft versus host disease, nicotine addiction, THC impairment and withdrawal and others.

All the studies resulted in favor of CBD intake in a defined manner. While there is a lot to be revealed about Cannabidiol, let us hope to explore further medicinal benefits of this unique and highly compounded plant.

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