What Does CBGV – Cannabigerivarin mean?

What Does CBGV – Cannabigerivarin mean?

Marijuana is not only popular for its psychoactive properties but also for its non-psychoactive properties. It has medicinal effects on the human body but its legalization is still a debate all over the world.

When it comes to research and development on cannabis plant, there are some limitations on the research work. However, we still know about many compounds present in this unique plant along with their benefits on the human body.

While some of these compounds are well-researched and we are now using them to produce medicines, some are yet to be discovered. One of these compounds is the Cannabigerivarin – CBGV.

Understanding Cannabigerivarin – CBGV

Cannabigerivarin – CBGV is the components of the genome of cannabis. It is categorized as the cannabinoid acid. However, unlike THC – tetrahydrocannabinol it offers no psychoactive effects.

Indeed, there are many researchers who are currently exploring or studying several other possible health benefits of cannabis plant or medicinal marijuana strains. These strains are high in Cannabigerivarin. To give you an example, CBDV has various anticonvulsant effects, thus, for now, it is being perceived as a medicinal compound for individuals with epilepsy.

Furthermore, plants which have elevated CBDV levels are reported in landrace cannabis indica plants which are growing in the wild of Nepal and northwest India.

As per one of the definitions of CBGV; CBDV is to CBD how THCV is to THC.

CBGV is the naturally occurring phytocannabinoid that is present in quite small traces in a few strains of the marijuana and cannabis plant. It is presumed that cannabis plant form CBGV and some other acids as more of a survival mechanism. Cannabigerivarin is likely to provide the weed plant with sufficient insecticidal defense and may be increased resistance to several plant diseases.

Cannabigerivarin might not produce some psychoactive effects when it is ingested. However, researchers think the cannabinoid acid might help the cell receptors of the body to accept more readily and utilize THC on ingestion. It may also help Cannabidiol – CBD metabolism within the human body and improve the overall benefits of cannabis or medicinal marijuana.

CBGV appears to have a very key role in assisting CBD to adhere to the human body’s receptors on ingestion. In order for CBGV to get converted by the human body into usable CBD, it needs to undergo a process called decarboxylation. That is formed by the heating of the plant material of marijuana. By heating, the cannabis plant’s cannabinoids are more readily and easily absorbed and utilized by the human body. In fact, a lot of cannabinoids remain ineffective when they are not first heated.

CBGV is known to interact with various receptors and may have analgesic and anti-inflammatory properties but this still remains under investigation. CBGV also show the potential to cure dry-skin syndrome!

Since CBGV is the potent inhibitor of LPI-induced GPR55 signaling, it has shown to hold great potential to treat cancer. CBGV is observed to be cytostatic in leukemic cells and is known to cause a simultaneous arrest almost at all phases of our cell cycle.

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