The Role of Cannabiripsol – CBR in Cannabis

The Role of Cannabiripsol – CBR in Cannabis

Cannabis is a popular plant that contains both psychoactive and non-psychoactive substances. The psychoactive substances are the products that significantly impact and act on the human brain as hallucinogens, stimulants or depressants.

It is the plant that is used to produce various psychoactive preparations like marijuana, cannabis oil and hashish. When we speak of marijuana it actually refers to the stems, floral buds, and dried leaves. All of these plant segments are majorly consumed through inhalation and in the form of, with or without tobacco, cigarettes that are known as joints.

On the other hand, hashish is obtained from the viscous resin that is produced by the main floral buds. These are the buds which have been mixed and dried with other dried segments of the plant. After that, these dried parts are compressed into a more solid form. Hash can also be heated on knives. It can be crumbled or even smoked just like marijuana.

Similarly, cannabis oil is more thick oil that is derived from hashish or marijuana. The oil is obtained by means of extraction and by using almost 90% alcohol. The oil is highly concentrated in terms of active ingredients. Mostly it is mixed with a tobacco or applied to a cigarette and then smoked. The flower Cannabis may also be transformed in different forms of THC concentrates known as debs such as shatter or wax. In this case, the level of THC may vary in between 40% to 75%.

Cannabis and the Organic Compounds

The plant cannabis sativa comprise over 400 unique organic compounds. These chemical compounds produce various chemical substances known as cannabinoids. The three main cannabinoids which are further divided into different compounds include tetrahydrocannabinol – THC, Cannabidiol – CBD and Cannabinol – CBN.

Some of these compounds have psychoactive properties while others are non-psychoactive in nature. Similarly, some of the compounds are well-researched while others are yet to be explored. We know the chemical and physical properties of several cannabis compounds but there are still a few compounds that are not yet known for their unique characteristics or effects on the human body. One of these compounds is the Cannabiripsol – CBR

Cannabiripsol – CBR

Cannabiripsol is one of the compounds of cannabis sativa that belongs to the category of Cannabiglendol. The molecular formula of CBR is C21H32O4. It has the molecular weight of 348.483g/mol with the heavy atom count of 25.

We can say that CBR is the new cannabinoid that was isolated from the South African Cannabis variant. The structure of this cannabis compound was determined by synthesis and by spectral means.

So far, no detailed research work is conducted to fully understand the physical and chemical properties of this compound. To understand the effects of CBR on the human body, we need to carry out clinical trials.

The major reason, why there is slow progress in terms of research work on cannabis, is the ongoing legalization issue of the marijuana. While some states in the U.S have legalized the use of it, others restrict the research work along with the use of it.

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