Marijuana for Meditation

Marijuana and Meditation: Duo for a Spiritual Elation

Gaining control of the stress that you get going through your day to day life is important. To quote Buddha:

“It is better to conquer yourself than to win a thousand battles. Then the victory is yours. It cannot be taken from you, not by angels or by demons, heaven or hell. “

Meditation, a practice where an individual is required to focus on anything which gives him positive energy; giving him a peaceful and stress free mind.

Marijuana has a somewhat similar effect on your body and mind. Hence combining meditation and marijuana both can help you achieve a spiritual state of mind that can transcend you to the heavens. So what kind of marijuana can be helpful for different styles of meditation?

For that you will have to continue reading.

Transcendental Meditation


A very popular method of meditation performed widely to attain peace.

The main purpose of this method is to detach yourself from stress and anxiety and promote harmony and self-realization, so you can transcend over all the problems that bring you down. A nicely balance hybrid marijuana strain is recommended for this type of meditation; a balanced energy, mood elation and calmness is what, it’s going to provide you with.


A Sanskrit word which means rising of energy and consciousness.

This form is classified as an upward mediation, which focuses on rising the energy and conscious level of your mind. To achieve the benefits from this technique, breathing should be the centre of your concentration.

Light sativa marijuana strains are recommended because they can provide you with the energy and calm you will need to attain benefits from this style.

Guided Visualization

A technique where you heal your mind and elate your mood by thinking of a pleasant thought, anything that makes you feel positive and happy. This style is totally based on the phrase, “you become what you think”.

In this scenario an indica strain will do the trick; a Hindu Kush with its head clearing and calming properties will help you visualize the scenario you want to.


Do you have a restless soul? If yes then you should straightaway plan to adopt this technique in your lifestyle. The center of observation in this style shifts on your own body, and you scan your body that from where are you getting all that stress; then the healing process starts and you feel elevated and pleasant.


A strong indica will do the job for you. If possible go for Master Kush-the high from this will give you the calm without making you dizzy which other indicas might do.

Gazing Meditation

This type of meditation requires you to focus on an object, it’s because when you lock your focus at a certain object you will be able to tackle the wandering thoughts. For a successful life it is important to master this art.

The high from a slightly strong sativa or a hybrid will do the trick in this scenario. Double Dream, with its mind clearing ability might do the job for you.

While it’s important to be well aware of your surroundings, it’s even more crucial to know what lies deep within your soul. Mediation and some quality marijuana strains are the tools that will help you dig deep inside your spirit, so you can get acquainted with your true self.

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