First Look: Pro Trim Elite Auto Scissors

First Auto Scissors That Resemble The Industry Standard Fisker Scissors.


The plant is the hart of this expanding industry.  As the industry expands so does the way we cut the plant down.  Cutting a plant can take many hours and can be tough on the hand.  Opening and closing scissors over a long period of time can cause fatigue and stress, leading to carpal tunnel potentially.  The Pro Trim Elite auto scissors are here to help alleviate this potential problem.



The Motor and Trim Mode

The first thing these were designed for the rapid open and closing of the scissors.   The Pro Trim Elites accomplish this with a brushless stepper motor that is built to last.  Why use a brushless stepper motor?  Well, because they are durable, they can run for hours and they have no gears, yet they can be controlled to operate at different speeds and directions.   Stepper motors are also quite as they run.  The Pro Trim Elite auto scissors also feature a speed adjustment wheel.  This feature allows you to control the speed of the blades.   Turn the adjustment wheel up and you can get these to open and close 300 times a minute.  With proper technique, you will notice an increase in production.  Want them slower, adjust the wheel and you can make them go down to 150 open/closes per minute.   Turn down for what!!?  One remarkable thing about the stepper motor is the faster the blades go, the lower the torque.  Life has pros and cons, the pro’s of this feature is the faster the blades go and the faster you cut, the more of a chance you might get to nip your finger.  Now this is not something we can completely eliminate as the auto scissors are made to cut, we have been able to minimize the potential of a bad cut.   When cutting at a good fast past the Pro Trim Elite auto scissors have just the right force to cut sugar and fan leaves, while not enough to cut thicker stems or your finger.  By pressing the button two times fast you enter the trim mode.  At any time you can press the button one time and the blades return to their nip mode home ready to nip a leaf.

Nip Mode

The next feature of the Pro Trim Elite auto scissors is that of the nip mode.   When in this mode the blades only open a specified amount and close slow on the leaf.  This allows us to get more torque out of the motor so you can cut thicker stems.   In this mode you must be careful not to put your finger on the blade, it has more force and a much much higher potential to cut you.  The great news is that when in this mode you can program the blades to only open about 1/4 of an inch.  Much harder for you to get your finger in there, but still be careful.  When the scissors are not in an autorun mode they are always ready to nip.  Just press the button 1 time and the auto scissor blades close and open, trimming that leaf off.

The Blades

The blades of the Pro Trim Elite auto scissors are designed after the industry standard Fisker scissors.  They have proven to be the perfect length and size of scissors to trim a cannabis plant.  The Pro Trim Elite blades are forged from stainless steel for long lasting trimming.  With the blades cutting so fast and opening and closing near 300 times a minute, you will need to clean or replace them at some point in time.  Never fear!  We have made removing the blades as simple as removing 2 screws.   To make it even better we have included an extra set of blades with each unit.  When its time to clean the blades you can scrape them, or remove them and soak in alcohol, then slap in the second set and go.

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