Strain Review: Tangerine Kush by Quality Choice Dispensaries

Today, we review Tangerine Kush, by Quality Choice Dispensaries.

Tangerine Kush

If you are looking for a super Citrusy and Orangey cannabis that will rock your world, look no further, Tangerine Kush is here. This super Indica dominant hybrid embellishes what is the sunshine that ascends down on us every day through a super beautiful citrus terpene typhoon. At first glance, I knew I was going to be in some trouble.


This strain tested in around 20% THC and that was quite noticeable as soon as I consumed these genetics. The flavor of Tangerine Kush is like M.O.A.B. of citrus terpenes dropped from the heavens above. My tongue danced with orange and citrus notes, leaving my mouth coated in the essence of orange peel and fresh lemon.  

Next thing you know, I am baked. Duh. I could have guessed that, but honestly, I was absolutely BAKED. This is not a strain for the faint of heart. I have not been this high in a long time. I wanted to do absolutely nothing after this review, working was not a welcomed thought. I felt super relaxed and unmotivated, not one f#ck to give. 


I would not recommend this to any beginner smokers or people who may not like a couch-lock, or body high. A super heavy sedative effect was followed by extreme munchies about an hour later. This flower was super flavorful, smelled like a citrus explosion, and carried those Kush effects. Highly recommended for anyone who is looking for that orange flavor and heavy body sedition. Check out this cannabis strain, Tangerine Kush, in a dispensary near you. HIGHly Recommended 7.1/8

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