Cannabis Accessory Review: Dab Straws by ELEV8 Glass & ELEV8 Premier

Dab Straws by ELEV8 Glass & ELEV8 Premier

Today, Maddy reviews the Dab Straws by ELEV8 Glass. Will the boro stand up to the quartz, or will it crush the competition?

When it comes to fast and simple, it may not get any easier than this. It’s Maddy from Elev8, bringing you to another accessory review. We all know that dabbing or vaping concentrates have blown up since it gaining popularity in the cannabis community. We know there are many ways you can take a dab, but we want to show you how to use dab straws.

These dab straws are gaining popularity because of its efficiency and ease of use. It’s so easy, even you favorite Dabbing Granny uses it! All you need to do is heat up the tip with a butane torch, and you’re ready to dab out of any glass or silicone container like the Huny Bucket. I recommend using a separate container when dabbing to maximize flavor and your product.

The Quartz Honeysuckle Dab Straw offers the best thermal resistance when compared to other glass, like borosilicate. I tested the thermal resistance by heating up the tip and immediately dunking it into the water. Not a crack, explosion, or chip. This unique straw is super thick and held heat like no other!

The borosilicate dab straw has a smoother hit than other dabbing straws due because it has an indent. I did not need water to cool the vapor. Dab in style with the doughnut mouthpiece which comes in various colors. My favorite addition to the dab straw is the glass ring blown around it to support the straw and work as a stand to prevent it from touching other surfaces.

Unlike a nectar collector, the dab straws are one continuous piece so you don’t have to worry about it coming apart during your dab. This product is perfect for on the go consumers. It is small, discreet, and durable. With the Elev8 dab straw, you can dab practically anywhere with ease and comfort.

Visit and pick yourself up a couple dab straws! While you’re at it, grab yourself a dime bag to carry all your vaporizing needs.

Stay ELEV8D! – Maddy

These items and more can be found at

ELEV8 Premier Dab Straw (Boro)

Dab Straw (Quartz)

Huny Bucket

ELEV8 Dab Mat

Vector Torch

Resinate Glass Cleaner

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