Vaporizer Review: ELEV8R By 7th Floor Vapes

Today, Rob reviews the ELEV8R Portable Vaporizer by 7th Floor Vapes.

ELEV8R Vaporizer by 7th Floor Vapes

This week, we have the ELEV8R brought you to by 7th Floor Vapes. Pulling the ELEV8R out of this cheap box is a little strange I’d expect more from 7th Floor as their other vapes come in some awesome bags. Inside you will find some extra screens, handmade glass marble pick, a water pipe adapter, tongs, the Sick Clip, the wand, a 19-14mm adapter, and quartz ELEV8R heater tip. Sidenote: I also had the borosilicate heater to try, but they no longer are including those in the kits)

How does it work?

The ELEV8R is a pure convection vape with an all glass airpath (minus the two screens). They also offer an all-glass wand and water pipe adapter that features an all-glass screen. You can use this magical piece of glass to vape dry herb or concentrates out of the box, and they even throw in a concentrate pad. They call it the flavor disc and it is made out of porous ceramic. Boy, when they say a dab will do ya’, you better listen. This thing packs a punch!

So, once you pick up a decent torch you are ready to rock. I looked online and found out that a brûlée torch is best when heating the ELEV8R. Fill the chamber LOOSELY with herb right around 1/3rd full or so. Then insert the ELEV8R heater, secure it with the Sick Clip, and Fire that torch up baby! Heat your ELEV8R for 30-50 seconds. (independent factors change heat up times) Now, if you are used to using a thermal banger and you get your glass red hot, make sure to what 20-30 more seconds for the glass to cool or combustion will occur.

How does it compare in flavor?

The flavor you get with the ELEV8R is really clean pure taste. The first few tokes on the ELEV8R tasted like I just put a little Christmas tree nug in my mouth. Definitely great for flower or concentrates! You can certainly taste the full flavor profile of your material. You can get a few decent draws before needing to reheat via the touch. A simple shake between draws will help evenly vape your material.

They Flavor Disc is made for concentrates, and man, does it work for how it’s designed! Just drop a dab right on top, assemble your ELEV8R, fire up the heater and you will soon be in Flavortown with Guy Fierri; but this flavor isn’t a slow-roasted pork sandwich, we’re cooking with terpenes.  It is amazing for concentrates. Definitely replaced my Quartz Banger!

Butane, or Not to Butane?

Butane isn’t necessarily my cup of tea when it comes to vaping, but the ELEV8R did a great job at retaining the heat for longer sessions. The only real drawback that I find is that the glass tip will be hot! No real feasible option to take it off unless you got an oveglove or something similar. They include the tongs to help remove the tip when hot. Using the water pipe adapter only enhances the full effect of convection. I have seen some people using heating coils to heat the ELEV8R heater. Super awesome!

7th Floor Vapes ELEV8R comes in at $99 from their site, but they offer an array of upgrades including the all-glass screens, extra heaters, and much more! Pretty entry-level price for an all glass, all convection vape that after familiarized with is sure to keep you ELEV8D.

Be Kind, Be Courteous, Stay ELEV8D!


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ELEV8R Portable All Glass Vaporizer

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