How To Hot Dab

How To Hot Dab

This was done a long time ago when dabbing was filled with ignorance.  This is the technique people use to do large dabs.  The issue with this method is that we find it makes people cough almost uncontrollably.  We find the cause is because at the higher temperatures used the fats and lipids are also being burned off.  This is perceived to be the cause of the dab lung, or coughing that just hurts.  Leave this the 5 gram dab Instagramers.

  1. You will need a banger, carb cap, dab tool, Tidy Tips and torch to attain this dabbing method.
  2. Use your torch to heat the quartz banger until it starts to glow red or orange (around 20-60 seconds, depending on your torch).
  3. Let the banger or nail cool so it is no longer glowing.
  4. Use your dab tool to grab some concentrate (less is more, you can always do another dab) and then put it in your banger dish.  As you do this you can start to inhale so as not to let any dab vapor go to waste.
  5. Take your carb cap now and place it on your banger and inhale.   You will see the air coming in will hit the oils and let them vaporize so you can inhale the essential vapor.

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