How To: Make an Apple Pie with a Vaporizer Using Molecular Gastronomy

Cooking 101: Using A Vaporizer and Molecular Gastronomy

Did you know your vaporizer can do so much more than you bought it for? For example, you can use it to infuse herbs and spices into your foods for delicious flavors. Want to see how it works? No worries! Alex will show you how to use a Super Surfer Vaporizer to make an apple pie.

What is Molecular Gastronomy?

Before Molecular Gastronomy there was no formal study of the chemical process of cooking. The use of molecular gastronomy in the home, kitchen and even the laboratory; is used more than ever since it’s development by Hervé This in 1988.   Hervé This is known as the grandfather of molecular gastronomy. brought together scientist and chefs from across the world to discuss the methods behind traditional cooking.  Molecular Gastronomy, the scientific discipline This, based on exploring the science behind traditional cooking methods was adopted by amateur and professional chefs everywhere.

Molecular Gastronomy Cooking Methods, Tools, and Ingredients



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