Vaporizer Reviews: DaVinci IQ Portable Vaporizer

Today, Rob reviews the DaVinci IQ portable vaporizer.

Davinci IQ

Opening this up and looking through this sturdy box you get a 10mm water pipe adapter, USB charging cable, a little keychain carrying canister for herb, a tamping tool, extra pic, alcohol pads, and a brush. No wall adapter, which baffled me, but nowadays everyone should have access to a USB port for charging.  It has a rechargeable 18650, that you can swap out, though a bit tricky. You can use this device while charging also, which I find handy.

The Davinci IQ is a portable dry herb vaporizer. They say it is a convection vaporizer, but I find it to work better with a slightly packed oven. This leads me to believe it functions better as a hybrid Conduction/Convection vape.

This guy has 4 heat settings called “smart Paths” that that allowed you to vape using computer code to decide how hot the vaporizer gets while you vape.  Path one 350-370, path two 370-390, path three 390-410, path four 410-430 degrees. You can also opt out of the presets and go to precision mode; where you can set it to a precise temperature for precision vaping. Boost is entered by hitting and holding the power button. This will kick it all the way up to 430 rapidly, you can puff on it during this. Once you let go, it will cool back down. Stealth mode will basically just dim the lights for you.

Starting at the base, the oven lid has what they call a “pearl” on it to help tamp down your material. I feel this lid is a little looser than what it could be. Also, filling the chamber can be a bit messy. Placing your herb in there and short of shoveling it down into the ceramic oven. The body feels comfy in your hand, though it will get very warm. To the point, you will have to set it down. Especially using the boost mode. Five clicks on/off, smooth buttons on the side, it is easy to use.

When you open up the top to access the battery and the “flavor chamber”, I find that both mouthpieces will come loose. I have no clue how this flavor chamber is supposed to work as they state in the instructions that you can store additional material or “infuse flavor”. That only makes sense if that heat is pulled through that material also, but that defeats the purpose of “additional storage”.

The IQ also has an app that you can link via Bluetooth. Though it is very basic and not really needed and overall doesn’t really add to or detract from the vape itself.
Cleaning this has been a breeze, make sure to brush out the oven and flavor chamber. Some Alcohol on a bristled pipe cleaner will do well with cleaning the rest of the parts.

On the Davinci site, the IQ goes for $275.00. this to me is a bit out of range with what this device can actually do. They have many great designs and features. They could have spent a little more time refining some aspect of this vape. All in all, this vape is great, but not for me. 

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