Cannabis Strain Review: Kurple

Today, Alex reviews the cannabis strain, Kurple.


Kurple is a mostly indica cannabis strain with an amazing genetic background. Kurple, a cross between Purple Urkle x OG Kush, is one stinky plant. Try to carry this in anything besides an air-tight container, you will stick out like a sore thumb. So, reader beware, if you live in a non-legal state be very careful traveling around with this specific cannabis strain.


This strain did not come with any testing information, but it was quickly identified as a very resinous, aromatic plant. The frosty, sticky nugs did not disappoint. This strain was so sticky, you could use it as a fly trap! Technically speaking, that is exactly what trichomes are for. They are a defense mechanism that nature has implemented amongst other things.


This specific strain was sooooo STINKY! It needed to be in its own zip code to be undetected. Kurple aromas were an amalgamation of all indica aromas: Fuel, burnt rubber, skunk, or rubber cement. This is one of the most aromatic cannabis strains I have ever reviewed, so it scored really HIGH in the aroma section. There was only one other section that scored as high: Effects.


The effects of this strain were noted as a “functional indica”. I strongly disagree. I was extremely baked before this review was even close to being done. Have you ever smoked some weed that caused a depletion of any cares or f#cks? Well, this was this strain for me. I love indicas; let me reiterate that, love, love, love indicas. And this one, in particular, ROCKED ME! It is used medicinally for its sedative effects, to help treat anxiety, alleviate pain, and to cure sleep apnea! HIGHly Recommend 7.2/8

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