Cannabis Review: Master Kush by Grow Life 719

Today, Alex reviews the cannabis strain Master Kush by Grow Life 719.

Master Kush

Master Kush is a phenomenal cannabis strain grown by GrowLife 719 in Colorado Springs, Colorado. The origins of this cannabis strain come from two landrace strains gathered from the Hindu Kush region. This was one tasty strain that had some serious sedative effects, amazing genetics, and a great terpene profile.

Master Kush has some amazing visual and aromatic properties. The nugget structure was super dense and provided a sweet, earthy smell combined with very pungent fruit scents. Instantly, I could tell that this was a kush strain by the flavor when it was vaped.

This strain held some relaxing and happy effects when used in moderation. For the sake of science, I generally consume about a gram of cannabis per review. Needless to say, I was uber baked after putting down a gram through the vape and burn test. The sleepiness soon set in, but I was ok with that because this strain also provided pain relief.

I could see why some patients use Master Kush for insomnia or stress. Stress? Anxiety? How can you remember menial things when you are so high your left ear goes deaf? Master Kush gets an A++ from me all around: Visual, Aroma, Taste, User Experience and Effects all scored above 7’s out of 8. Great job GrowLife 719! HIGHly Recommended 7.2/8

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