Vape Review: The Crafty Portable Vaporizer by Storz and Bickel

Today, Rob reviews The Crafty portable vaporizer by Storz and Bickel.

The Crafty by Storz and Bickel

The Crafty is a portable convection vape for dry herb or concentrates. This little thing hits just as well as its big brother, The Mighty. Where The Crafty differs, is surprisingly quite a bit. The sealed chamber, forcing the air to travel through the inlets, up around the heating element, then through your herbs (or liquid pad), up and around the baffles in the cooling unit (lid), keep the vapor at a fairly comfortable temp. 

Out of the box, compared to the Mighty, you will notice how much smaller it is. They removed the screen and a battery. You are stuck at the default heat settings unless you have it paired with the blue tooth app. The app, is tremendously handy, as you control the temp and boost settings, along with turning on and off the device. This thing also tracks usage, has the manuals and links to the store. The crafty will also find itself if you tap the “find my Crafty” button.

With losing that other battery, you will notice the drop-in power and efficiency once you get about 50% battery life. Though The Crafty is able to “plug and play”, if it is completely dead, you will have to let it get a little charge before usage.

This thing hits just as well as the Mighty, with full clouds of vapor, and amazing taste. Using the liquid screens, I still find you will get 4-7 decent draws off of a reasonable amount of concentrates.

Cleaning is a breeze, brush out the chamber and clean the cooling unit once a week. With high-end devices, it should be expected that you will maintain them. IF you are paying $280.00 it’s best if you treat it like a newborn.

Storz & Bickle have successfully created a compact version of their Mighty. It is easy to use while on the go or at home as it provides a nice vape session.

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