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Elev8 is not just a brand of glass, a website or any kind off product, but is more a way of life.  It’s about knowing that you will never know it all.  You will never be all, but to always strive to learn more, do better and be better is to live the Elev8 lifestyle.



Elev8 your mind! Never stop learning and exploring!

  • Keep an open mind.  Believe strongly  what you believe, but do not hate what others believe as they have a different perspective.



Elev8 your body and love yourself

  • Love your body no matter the design.
  • Take care of your body as it is your temple and its all you get for this life


  • Know your energy and that you can project good or bad.  Projecting good will make the world better.


Remember that life is not easy.  It is like a sin wave with peaks and valley’s.  As you learn in life about all these ups and downs you can become more relaxed with yourself.  To life an Elev8 Lifestyle is up to you.  Only you can Elev8 your Mind, Body and Spirit.  Know that people are in this world to help you while others are here to bring you down.  Pick the right people to spend your short time with and your will begin to feel the Elev8 lifestyle.


Let us know what Elev8 your Mind, Body and Spirit means to you in comments below.  We are also looking for writers that are living the Elev8 lifestyle today that want to share some of their experiences with our community.

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