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Cannabis Accessory Review: Dab Straws by ELEV8 Glass & ELEV8 Premier

Dab Straws by ELEV8 Glass & ELEV8 Premier Today, Maddy reviews the Dab Straws by ELEV8 Glass. Will the boro stand up to the quartz, or will it crush the competition? When it comes to fast and simple, it may not get any easier than this. It’s Maddy from Elev8, bringing you to another accessory review. […]

Accessory Review: Resoniate Glass Cleaner

Today, Maddy reviews Resinate brand glass rig cleaner. Will it stand up to the test? Resinate Glass Cleaner Hey, this is Maddy from ELEV8 Presents here with another product for all my ELEV8 elite crew! One of my biggest pet peeves is a dirty rig and those hard to reach resin stains on my glass, […]

Elev8 with the new Elev8R vaporizer

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