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Glass Review: Trident’s Red Octopus Bong

Trident Glass: Red Octopus Glass Bong Trident Glass has done it again with this Red Octopus Glass Bong. This American company is located in Oregon with a team consisted of these amazing lampworkers: Adam Armstrong, Dana Dickinson, Drake Masuda, Shane White, Heath Harmon. This hand-made piece of art includes a handcrafted and painted Red Octopus […]

Vape Reviews: Puffco Plus

Puffco Plus Concentrates Vaporizer Pen Final Review The Puffco Plus is a conduction heating, ceramic chamber, designed to be used specifically with concentrates. The sleek design, ease of use, and multi-heat settings allow you to customize your use with the Plus. The dart is handy when loading this pen, however, can break if dropped so great […]

Mary’s Medicinal THC Patches

Today, we review Mary’s Medicinal THC Patches.

Glass Review: 12 Tree Perc with an Inline Pre-Perc Water Pipe

Elev8 Glass 12 Tree Perc With Inline Perc Today is a review on an Elev8 Foreign Artisan Glass water pipe.  When I first look at this piece I am amazed at how clean it it.  Then as I look closer I am very happy with how well all the parts are put together.  Having the skill […]

Top 4 Versatile Hybrid Strains of Cannabis

Top 4 Versatile Hybrid Strains of Marijuana If you happen to be one of the lucky people living in a state that has legalized the use of marijuana, you are very likely to be familiar with the different strains of marijuana. With plenty of different strains of marijuana, there are only so many that can […]

Elev8 with the new Elev8R vaporizer

Elev8 Presents How-To Videos