Top 4 Versatile Hybrid Strains of Cannabis

Top 4 Versatile Hybrid Strains of Marijuana

If you happen to be one of the lucky people living in a state that has legalized the use of marijuana, you are very likely to be familiar with the different strains of marijuana.

With plenty of different strains of marijuana, there are only so many that can be written about. This blog consists of some of the best hybrid strains of marijuana known to mankind.

1.     White Widow


My oh my, what a beast this one!

The esteemed White Widow tops the list of the different hybrid strains of your favorite plant. This particular hybridized strain of marijuana has been around in existence from sometime in the 80’s.

Nobody knows exactly when (maybe because they smoked too much of it to be able to keep track of what year it is!). This strain is one of the most potent ones in existence and is made by cross pollinating an unknown South Indica with a Brazilian Sativa. It is one of the most iconic strains of marijuana out there and no list of marijuana strains would be complete without the White Widow.

2.     Strawberry Cough

Another favorite for all marijuana consumers over the world, the second one on the list is the Strawberry Cough. This is what you get when the Strawberry Field strain and the Original Haze strain come together and copulate to form this almost ethereal strain. A high THC content strain, this has the added berry flavor which makes it so unique among all marijuana strains. It is very well known and highly regarded for the smoothness when you smoke it and the happy high you get out of smoking the plant.

3.     Bruce Banner

The folks over at Delta 9 labs are the ones who breed this strain and they got pretty creative with the name – probably had quite a bit of it themselves when they were coming up with it! If you don’t get the reference, what are you even doing here?

It’s named after the famed and favorite Marvel comics super hero called Hulk’s alter ego, the mild mannered and highly intelligent scientist who transforms into a deranged green giant when he’s made angry. The Bruce Banner strain is one strain which is widely used to really get the user’s creative juices flowing.

4.     Pineapple Express

The last hybrid strain that’s going to be mentioned on this list is the Pineapple Express. This particular strain became so famous and so widely used that there is even a whole movie which was named after the pineapple express strain called “The Pineapple Express”.

This beauty results from cross pollinating the Hawaiian sativa and the Trainwreck strains and it gives one of the most uplifting and energetic highs one can imagine from marijuana. Always guaranteeing a positive high, it is the most sought after strain for smokers looking for a good time.

So there you have it, your top 4 types of hybrid strains of Marijuana!



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