Elev8 Presents The Flavor Disc Wand For The Silver Surfer Vaporizer

Presenting the Flavor Disk Wand

What is a Flavor Disc?

Our flavor disc is made from ceramic and is heater to over 1000 degrees Celsius.  It is very pours which increases the surface area dramatically allowing it to sorta soak up the concentrates.  It resembles a lava stone pretty much.  I got this idea long ago from the vapor genie.  Its a great old school vape that had this one neat part to it that I thought would help take the SSV to the next level for concentrates.  The flavor disc works best in a vape, but also works well with just a BIC lighter, unlike health stones.

Why the Flavor Disc?

The flavor disc is great because it keeps you rig clean while allowing you get get amazing vapor hits from your concentrates.  As the disc heats up and the active ingredients reach their boiling point they vaporize to that wonderful vapor you love.  If you keep it at the proper level you will leave behind the lipids that hold the essentials you are looking for.  Let the lipids stay.

When to use the Flavor Disc?

Any time you want to enjoy concentrates clean and efficiently.


How to get a Flavor Disc?

Get one from  your local retailer that sells 7th Floor products, or check out www.7thfloorvapes.com and see what they have.  You can also get any custom wand made for you by 7th Floor and have this flavor disc front end added to your wand.

Can I put flower in my Flavor Disc Wand?

Of course you can!!!  There is always a place to put a screen in the wand so that means this is also the largest flower bowl 7th Floor makes.  Pretty much this is one of the must have upgrades for your spherical SSV set up.

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