The Most Ideal Weed Strains That Make Everything Seem Hilarious

The Most Ideal Weed Strains That Make Everything Seem Hilarious

Strains That Make Everything Seem Hilarious

If you have smoked several types of weed strains then you must’ve realized that some types of cannabis strains can give you more severe laughing fits than the others.

Since we all know that laughter happens to be the best cure for all of life’s stressors then what’s the harm in smoking cannabis and enjoying a hysterical laughter marathon with friends?

You might happen to know what type of weed strain tickles your funny bone, but here we have some amazing recommendations that you must try the next time you plan to go totally crazy. So let’s discuss the variety one by one.

1- Laughing Buddha

You can practically understand the effect of this cannabis strain just by looking at its name. It gets you in a relaxed state of mind and provides joyful elation. Everything you see and everything someone says sounds hilarious. This sativa has an earthy and herbal sage-like aroma that sort of evaporates your stress and introduces you to a lighthearted version of this world.

With that having said, it’s no surprise that Little Buddha is a famous strain among people. Some even smoke it in the morning to start their day with a more amusing approach towards life.

2- Blue Diesel

Introduced in strong flavors such as sour blueberry, Blue Diesel is a famous hybrid that elevates you to a more jovial and uplifted mindset. Owing to its nimble effects, Blue Diesel is a popular daytime weed strain that is sure to cast spells of laughter over you to the point you might want to throw up.

And guess what, even that will make you laugh like a lunatic!

3- Chemdawg

The high THC content of Chemdawg is a personal favorite of people who love to causally chill out with their friends. Chemdawg happens to be famous for giving such intense fits of laughter that people have mentioned losing their bladder control while under the influence of this weed strain. Once you’ve smoked Chemdawg, you suddenly find this world to be the most amusing place to live in.

4- Black Diamond

If you want to experience a mood where even the smallest hint can trigger episodes of laughter then you must try Black Diamond. This cannabis strain happens to be perfect for a lazy evening that you spend in front of your television. Smoke Black Diamond right before you settle down on your couch and prepare yourself for bursting into laughter, even at the things that are the stupidest of all.

5- Mango Kush

The first thing you sense is the taste of mango flavor, and then from there, it’s all giggles and laughter. Famous for its strong mango aroma, this hybrid is going to make you talk like chatterbox and will make you laugh till you’re rolling on the floor.

There’s a range of cannabis available out there that can crack you up like never before. So if you’re looking for an experience where you have absolutely no control over your laughter, then try these cannabis strains and begin counting the minutes you spend laughing.

Some people have stated that the duration of their laughing fits to be as long as whooping 45 minutes! 

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