Strain Review: Tora Bora x The Ox by NuVue Pharma

Today, we review the strain Tora Bora x The Ox by NuVue Pharma.

TORA BORA x THE OX – NuVue Pharma

Take a trip to Costa Rica because this strain tastes like a tropical explosion. Tora Bora x The Ox, which is a high CBD strain, has one AMAZING flavor profile. This trip to the equator sparked notes of guanabana, mangoes, and papaya all dancing simultaneously on my tongue. This unique strain had a very tropical Runts vibe that lingered for a long time after my review was finished. Trust me I was not mad at all because, at that point in time, I lost all my f#cks. I could not find any to give, after this review. 

This strain was tested at a whopping 29% THC and 100% flavor. This super dank, fruity strain is known to have high CBD properties, but unfortunately, that was not part of the testing information available to me at the time. The OX (Bubba Kush x Stone Mountain) is known to have many medicinal effects from the variety of cannabinoids in the strain. Check out more here!


The high was an incredibly relaxed, body numbing experience. Both of these strains are almost pure indicas but carry unique characteristics. Very few strains have a pure indica feel with such fruity flavor profiles, but NuVue Pharma nailed it on this one. I hope you do not have any plans for the rest of your day because this strain will be leaving you happy, hungry, and relaxed. HIGHly Recommended 7/8

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