Elev8 Your Wedding With Custom Glasses Made With Love


Are you special?  Well, for sure you are and you deserve that special wedding glass set that lets everyone know how special you are.  These Elev8 wedding glasses are handcrafted with love in Colorado Springs by me Steve Kelnhofer at the Elev8 Premier Glass Blowing Studio.  When you are toasting these cups at your wedding you’ll feel the love of the artist that made them, the love the person that got them for you and you will be able to feel that love each anniversary.

Why Elev8 Wedding Glasses?

The easy answer is the symbols of the wedding that they represent.   The first question one may ask is why do these things not have flat bottoms so the dang thing sits up?  Well that answer to me is also very easy.  The wedding glasses with a round bottom represent the bride and the groom on their own.  They can each function in life perfectly fine for what each was designed for.  But also like life, as a couple, the bride and groom are better together. Just like the Elev8 Wedding Glass Set.   The wedding glass stand is a symbol meant to represent the relationship between the bride and groom.  Together as a unit the two of you are unstoppable and remarkable.   Each of you is remarkably beautiful, just as each uniquely crafted Elev8 Wedding Glass that is to represent each of you.  The glasses can only at their best, represent the beauty of long, meaningful a lasting relationship, such as when a bride and groom marry on the special wedding day.   I purposefully also make one cup taller than the other.  This represents that the bride is to be taken care of and she shall be placed on the groom’s pedestal.   The tall glass is for her obviously.   Another thing I do that I feel is special is that both color sections actually come from the same chunk of color.  This represents to me the future that each of you can come together and make a beautiful baby made from each of you.


How do I get a set of these Elev8 Wedding Glasses?

The easiest way to get some of these cups is to contact up Elev8 Glass Gallery and let them know you are interested.  At that point, I will contact you and we will walk through design.  The harder you want me to go the more they cost, these take time.  Just like forming a good relationship the artist needs to build a relationship with the glass and make it special.  We can do a lot of different colors, but not every color is in our pallet.

Enjoy some images of the Elev8 wedding glasses being birthed

This particular set of wedding glasses by Elev8 were made to match a mint and white wedding.  We do not have a good mint but we had a really pretty aqua opaque by Northstar Glass.  Nearly 10 hours went into the creation of this set of wedding glasses.

How was this done?

The first step is an idea.  This style has become a favorite as it is very durable and looks amazing.  On this piece we selected aqua opaque for the color and layered it over a tube of clear.  Then it was melted into it and just a smidgen of unobtainium was added.  Clear was used to marble the two colors together creating a really neat effect I love.  To do this properly it can take 1-2 hours to make the chunk of color.  Once the color has been worked, it is then split into two sections.  For this particular style the color section had a hole popped in the end.  Then a bit of color was added.  The color was melted in, then another hole was made with clear glass applied to the hole making the window, but the window.  The next step was to flip the bit of color so the window would be on the side.   This takes patience as it can not melt too fast or it will warp the window.  With this done, it is done once more!  To get the holders, a large 80mm x 9mm tubing is cut.  Then on this one a vortex marble was made as the centerpiece.    For the base another chunk of color was made.   It is then put together with a 50mm piece of tubing and formed on a lathe.  The next day the marble is attached to the base.  Once made the two rings are welded on.  Now the two piece of color are made into cups that fit inside the rings.  And then wala, done.  This set was then sand blasted to enhance the white theme.


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