Stay High and Perform High at Work with These Cannabis Strains

Stay High and Perform High at Work with These Cannabis Strains

The dream of living large is impossible if you perform low at your workplace.

The key to success is obviously hard work, but how will you perform or work hard, when you can’t even focus in the first place.

Calm energized and stress -free mind is a necessity if you plan to score well at your office!

For sure there is no substitute for hard work, but it sure does have an all: marijuana. While there are cannabis strains that can make you feel sleepy, there are many that make your mind energetic and calm, simultaneously.

Well, we are going to list down some of those strains that can help you achieve your goals at your workplace.


1.        Harlequin

To be successful in your workplace you have to reach there first and to be honest very few people wake up with that spirit! The high of this strain will not only elevate your mood, but it will give you the right amount of energy to start your day with a bang.

So the next time someone asks what you had in the morning, wink and say harlequin, it will be hilarious.


2.        Durban Poison

So, if your job requires a lot of physical work than this is the strain you should be puffing. Just after a few puffs, you will be bursting with energy that you will need to go through the day.

3.        Jack Herer

This is a shout out to all the creative minds out there; this sativa strain will surely give you the imagination of Picasso and the energy of Hercules. The euphoria you are going to get from this will elevate your imagination and creativity to a new level.

4.        Kali Mist

The ending hours at work are the worst; it feels as if these are the ending hours of your life.

Getting through these hours with an energetic and focused mind is nearly impossible, that is without Kali Mist, of course. A sativa based hybrid with a citrus and minty flavor, this strain will give you a high which will make you active and creative.

Caution, after this you might stay at the office for overtime as well.

5.        Blackberry Crush

A good night’s sleep is what a person deserves and most importantly, needs after a tiring day which in some cases is not easy due to stress that may have followed you home from work! Blackberry Crush, an indica based strain with its sedative properties will make you stress-free in no time, so that your stress remains at your office, while you can enjoy the well-earned sleep.

Now, if you already are a hardworking person (which we are sure you are), you are already halfway there. The only thing between you and a successful career is a cannabis strain… and remember sweat from your hard work and the smoke from your weed strain together can decide how high you will fly!

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