The Ideal Fertilizer Combo for Incredible Cannabis Growth

The Ideal Fertilizer Combo for Incredible Cannabis Growth

The cannabis plant is like any other plant. It requires the right nutrients and as close to the ideal conditions to grow and prosper. The best way to go about it is to provide your cannabis plant with the right fertilizers and nutrients so that your cannabis plant is able to give you the yield you want. Here are some of the fertilizers that are best suited for cannabis plants and the best combination to get the most out of your cannabis plant.


Say what? Well, yes. It may be surprising but read on and you’ll understand why this is here.

If you’ve seen the movie Nice Dreams, (every stoner has), you might remember a scene where Cheech was whining to Chong about one of his plants being unhealthy. Chong told him to just start doing his small business on the plant. That might’ve seemed like the most random and useless advice but there’s actually some science to it.

You see, urine contains a lot of nitrogen urea and Nitrogen just so happens to be one of the biggest encouragers of stem and leaf growth. Cannabis plants need growth boosters in the summer months and urine is one way to go about it.

That being said, Chong’s advice isn’t something you should follow word for word. Dilute urine within a gallon of water and mix in some commercial fertilizer. Use it as you would use the fertilizer diluted in water. It works wonders.

Wood Ashes

Soil with more acidity levels is not ideal for cannabis plant growth.  To make the acidic soil more cannabis friendly, you need to neutralize the soil. Commonly, lye or lime from garden centers can be added to the soil but an age-old trick which is used by farmers to neutralize the soil is to make use of wood ash mixed in with water.


This is something which goes for every kind of plant and works especially well for cannabis plants. Compost heaps which are made from organic materials make the soil they’re added to the ideal growing environment for your cannabis plant.

It can be made from a range of different organic materials that you can find anywhere from the kitchen waste to dig turds. When you’re preparing the compost heap, make it a point to turn the mixture every day if possible. That’ll help speed up the decomposition process and make it turn into usable soil as quickly as possible.

Ideal Fertilizer Combination for Cannabis Growth

The standard and most ideal combination of non-commercial fertilizers which can result in a good growth and yield to be produced by your cannabis plants is the following combination:

  • 4 parts Cottonseed Meal
  • 2 parts Phosphate
  • 2 parts Wood Ash
  • 1 part Limestone
  • 1 part Kelp Meal

This combination of fertilizers is ideal ratio which you should have in a fertilizer mixture to help your plant not only survive but to thrive. Combine this fertilizer mixture with the right combination of watering the plant, using compost heap, and urine mixtures in the water during the summer months to get the best out of your cannabis plant.

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