How to choose a bong for vaping

Just because you’ve graduated on to healthier ways to consume cannabis doesn’t mean you need to bail on your favorite bong! With the appropriate water-pipe-adapter (WPA) or a little stoner-engineering, you can hook your weed vape up to your bong and enjoy even cooler vapor than before!

If you’re choosing a new bong for your vapor-bonging adventure, here are some tips that will help you out along the way.

Less Percolation = better taste

Lifesaber Vape Vapor Bong 420 vapezoneThe percolator is the specific design/function of the bong where the smoke is filtered through the water. More percolation = more filtration. When you’re smoking, more percolators will give you a smoother and cleaner hit.
But when you are vaping or dabbing, extra percolation strips away the precious flavors. Avoid double and triple chambered bubblers with complicated percolators. Find a piece with a single simple percolator. Recyclers are a fun option as well, especially for dab rigs.

Know Your Joints

Not the zig-zagged kind, we’re talking glass here! Most weed vapes and bong adapters will be a 14 or 18mm male adapter for a female bong. Look for bongs with 14 or 18mm female joints. You can also use adapters to make any vape and bong work, just be aware that each piece adds weight and increases the chances of breakage in the future. Since vape sessions last longer than smoke sessions, vertical joints provide the convenience of vape balancing if your vape is small enough.

The traditional beaker bong with the angled slide-in down stem will work, but the inconvenience or removing the vape after each hit is a bit of a buzzkill.

Minimize Chug

With dry herb vapes, you often need more control of the airflow to maximize the vapor production. Giant bongs with big chambers and throaty air paths make precision inhalation difficult.

Choose a moderate to small sized bong with a comfortable chug. Any respectable glass shop will add water and let you feel it – don’t feel intimidated.

Lastly, pick a piece that you like! One that looks great and hits like a champ.

About Troy
Troy is a professional stoner and long-time cannabis evangelist. Troy reviews weed vaporizers and other cannabis-related products on his website and youtube channel. His favorite places to get faded are at home, at the beach, and right before getting groceries. He only vapes. No smoke.

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