Pineapple on pizza and whether it’s hot, or heresy.

To Pineapple or Not to Pineapple: An In-Depth Look into Pineapple on Pizza

There are numerous major arguments and conflicts under way in this world of ours at the moment. Coke VS Pepsi, Republicans VS Non-Republicans, President Trump VS everyone sane, and of course Marijuana Proponents VS Opponents. But none of those arguments have reached the mythical status as the one about whether or not pineapple belongs on pizza.

Some say it is heresy, and whoever eats it should be hunted down. Some think it is heavenly. The matter goes deeper than this surface though. And in this article, we will be taking an in-depth look into some of the nuances of pizza as a food, and whether pineapple belongs on pizza or not.

Pizza as a Food

The beginnings of the pizza lie in the imaginative improvisation of the Italians, who had to think of a food item that could be prepared quickly with whatever is available in terms of condiments. The very first pizza had very simple ingredients – olive oil and anchovies being primary. Today, these two have been forgotten. Anchovies are even hated as a topping, and with new toppings (marshmallows, peanut butter, unicorn ears…) are emerging every day.

As a food, pizza is meant to have a few basic ingredients with a few toppings, all contributing a richness as well as depth of flavor that completes the experience. From the first bite of the cheesy goodness to the last mouthful of the rich crust, the eating experience is truly one-of-a-kind.

Innovations in Tradition

One of the worst things one can do as a culinary practice is completely mess up a time-honored tradition in a way that draws ridicule to the tradition itself.

Pineapple on pizza is an example of this. Pizza is a dish with a lot of history behind it. However, when we decide to innovate in tradition, sometimes the result cannot be as good as ham or sausage on pizza.

We are leaving dessert pizzas out since they are a completely different beast.

What the Pineapple Pizza is Good For

Some may think of the pizza as more of a novelty dish than something that is actually legit. But there are actual aficionados of pineapple pizza out there! And this is just too much deviation, which can never be a good thing. Even still, if you wish to try it just for the experience, you will be eternally judged. Go ahead, if you want to. If you like it – you like it. And there’s no going back for you!

The Verdict on Pineapple Pizza

People should be allowed to imbibe in whatever they want. And plus, there may be some good to the entire fiasco, seeing as there is one type of person who may find this type of pizza divine. We are talking, of course, about folks who have a severe case of the munchies, after having smoked a blunt or 3!

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