6 Myths About Cannabis Debunked

Are you considering medical cannabis as a treatment option? If yes then there are probably hundreds of questions pertaining to cannabis that you want to be answered. The good thing is that you’re alone.

Thousands of people around the world have used medical cannabis as a treatment for their condition only after getting all of their questions about cannabis answered. Today, a lot of information about cannabis is available online. However, not all of it is true. Many myths about cannabis exist today and some of these myths have spread like wildfire.

Also known as Marijuana, Cannabis has been used as a pain-reliever and treatment for psychological disorders for more than three thousand years. Also, over time, Cannabis has proven to be a useful treatment for many medical conditions and symptoms. In spite of this, a debate about the efficacy and safety of medical cannabis continues to make the headlines. As of now, Cannabis is legal in 29 U.S states in one form or another. For this reason, pointing out and debunking the most common myths about cannabis is crucial. Following are 6 myths about cannabis and the facts that debunk them.

Myth #1 Cannabis Is An Illegal Drug

The number 1 myth about cannabis is that it’s an illegal street drug. Contrary to popular belief, cannabis is legal to use as long as it is prescribed by your doctor and purchased through a Licensed Producer (LP).

Myth #2 The Use Of Cannabis Causes Cancer

Another popular myth about cannabis is that use of cannabis causes cancer. It is true that cannabis contains carcinogens, cancer causing substance found in tobacco. However, the amount of carcinogens consumed by even the hardcore cannabis smokers is much less than the carcinogens consumed by tobacco smokers. In simple terms, you’re unlikely to get cancer from cannabis even if you smoke it excessively. This is something a study by the University of California at Los Angeles (UCLA) proves.

Myth #3 The Use Of Cannabis Leads To Addiction Or Dependence

Just like anything else, cannabis can cause addiction or dependence. However, the reality of this addiction or dependence is far different from the one often quoted by the critics or doubters of cannabis. According to a 2007 study about the cannabis dependence and treatment, compared to the 24% of heroin users and the 15% of cocaine users, only 9% of the cannabis users become addicted to or dependent on the drug at some point in their lives.

Myth #4 The Use Of Cannabis Makes You Lazy

A popular myth about cannabis is that the use of cannabis makes you lazy. However, there have been no studies so far that tie laziness to cannabis use or even endorse cannabis-induced laziness. In fact, contrary to popular belief, the use of cannabis makes you active, creative and focused. Proof of this is a list of the 50 most influential cannabis users.

Myth #5 There Are No Health Benefits Of Cannabis Use

This myth is probably the easiest to debunk. Even though 29 U.S states have legalized cannabis, some people in America continue to doubt the efficacy and safety of medical cannabis. According to them, medical cannabis offers no health benefits. This is silly, to say the least. A number of studies prove that the use of medical cannabis alleviates symptoms related to glaucoma, certain cancers, and AIDS. Moreover, it helps to relieve stress and anxiety, control epileptic seizures, and improve athletic performance.

Myth #6 The only way to use Medical Cannabis is by smoking it

Many people in the United States and around the world think that the only way to use medical cannabis is by smoking it. However, contrary to popular belief, the best way to use medical cannabis is via vaporization. Vaporization involves heating the cannabis to a temperature that causes the plant’s oils to be released. However, it is important that you do not burn the plant matter.

There health risks of using cannabis via vaporization are very minimal. Also, you can use cannabis oils in case you don’t want to inhale the cannabis vapor. Made up of cannabinoids taken out from the cannabis plant and put into edible oil, cannabis oils are a good way to consume medical cannabis.









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