Glass Blowing 101: Fuming with Silver

Fuming with Silver and Learning to Wrap and Rake Color

Fuming is one of the first things I had to learn thanks to Bob Snodgrass.  The next was wrap and rake, not sure where that came from, probably Italy.  Fuming with silver will allow you to get that amazing color changing effect.  This will allow you to get blues, whites, and purples (my favorite).  To make it cooler you can add color on top of the fume and then rake it.  This takes it to the next level and after 13 years I still find it to be amazing!

This long and boring video goes through the full process of fuming with silver and then wrapping the glass with a color.   It then shows you how to rake the color.  Its very informative and will give you a view of how long it takes to make a piece of glass.  If you ever said that piece is expensive its because it took a human a long time to learn how to make it, and then how to make the piece.  Then the more complex the harder it is to make so the more skill the blower must have.

If you have a lot of interest in learning more about glass check out

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