Denver will now legalize marijuana in social settings and locations.

Denver All Set to Pass a ‘Social’ Legalization of Marijuana

After building a reputation as a super cannabis friendly city, Denver now looks to legalize pot smoking in social spaces!

The ‘social’ legalization concept which came from people wanting to smoke weed while in social settings, will allow people to smoke in designated spaces, much like cigarette smoking. These areas will be known as ‘consumption areas’.

Denver is already very lax in terms of marijuana regulation. This new bill though, will make smoking pot even more accessible for everyone over the legal age.

Initiative 300: Permission to Smoke Marijuana in Designated Spaces

Initiative 300 is a bill that will allow businesses to designate spaces on site for people to smoke marijuana in. The bill does require businesses to apply for a permit for this allowance but it is still a progressive step.

So you like to smoke weed in public?

Places where the permission will be applicable

The places where smoking marijuana will be allowed are as follows:

  • Coffee shops, bars and restaurants, as well as other culinary establishments.
  • Fitness centers such as yoga studios and some gyms.
  • Office spaces like the ones reserved for smoking.
  • Some construction sites which allow discreet marijuana smoking.
  • Places of social gathering such as some clubs and dance centers.

Opinions of Chief Proponents

The lead advocate of the movement, Kayvan Kalatbari, is very enthusiastic about the potential passing of the bill. According to him, “”This is a victory for cannabis consumers who, like alcohol consumers, simply want the option to enjoy cannabis in social settings.”

The rise of Canna-Tourism in Denver

Recreational use of marijuana is Denver has been legal for 5 years now and this bill is another positive step. The main reason for this is the amount of revenue Denver collects from canna-tourism (tourists visiting Denver to buy marijuana). Last year, Colorado collected over $100 million in weed earnings and 17 percent of that revenue came from tourists.

More ease for law enforcement

Johnathan Singer, who is the representative of the state, expressed satisfaction regarding the bill. In his opinion, it will reduce marijuana related citations.

According to Singer, “Finally, law enforcement is going to have the opportunity to tell people: ‘You know what, you can’t smoke in the park, you can’t smoke in a hotel, you can’t smoke in any number of places — but here is where you can go.”

Initiative 300 will remain active for a period of 4 years, during which businesses can apply for permits. Since this is a pilot program, the state is keeping the duration shorter. However, it they see the program succeeding then businesses and the state will have an option to work together for an extension.

Overall, residents of Denver have greeted the passing of Initiative 300 with open arms. Members of the general public will now have much more ease with their smoking habits.

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