Vape Reviews: PAX 1

Today, Rob reviews the Pax 1 Portable Vaporizer.


The PAX is a flower only, conduction heating, portable vaporizer. The PAX 1 has been on the scene for a while.

Many owners of the PAX have seen their devices go through some hard falls. Though it may get nicked up, it keeps trudging through.

The simple design, ease of use, and the quick learning curve have made this vape a standing in many vapers’ rotation.

To fill the over, I find a fine grind works best and tamped down fairly tight. I find it holds about 0.3 grams. Once you have packed the oven, making sure it is tight and the lid is seated flush, you are ready to go.

To turn on your PAX you simply click the mouthpiece by depressing enough to disengage the lock. This particular connection is a flaw in the PAX 1 as you need to maintain the area free of residue and keep it lubricated.

I have put this device through its paces and the battery life has lasted me in upwards of 5 sessions. Those were at least 10 minutes in length.

Overall maintenance is not hard, though it’s mandatory that well-performed cleaning is done regularly. An ample supply of bristled pipe cleaners, 91% iso-alcohol, and a hard pick will do ya.

Besides the upkeep to maintain peak performance, the PAX is easy to pick and go, just make sure you bring enough to last you while your out.

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