Cannabis Strain Review: Titan OG by The Chronic Boutique

Today, we review the strain Titan OG from The Chronic Boutique.

Titan OG by The Chronic Boutique


Titan OG grown by The Chronic Boutique has some amazing genetics. These top tiered, perfectly trimmed buds showed great visual, aromatic, and top-of-line effects. This piney, pungent cannabis strain is like a fine wine; you will pay for the name, but the flavor and smell are out of this world.


This super-Kush tested in at 20% THC and .04% CBD, and it packed some serious flavor! These dense, indica dominant buds are the crown jewel of Northern Emerald. A super compact, lime green nugget with orange hair crawling all over it, screamed OG Kush genetics. This earthy, piney strain is known to give a super head and body high with a high that can put any insomniac to sleep.


The taste was out of this world! Lemon and pine flavors with characteristics of a Kush lineage. The relaxing high was a delight, but to my amazement it made me want to be a social butterfly or a Chatty Cathy. Whatever verbiage suits you, this strain has some unique effects. Definitely a top choice so far here in Colorado.



This super indica dominant strain is one for the books. I felt super relaxed after my first toke of this strain, and it sure wasn’t my last. I HIGHly recommend this strain to an OG connoisseur that is looking for that luxurious indica with unmatched frostiness and flavor, check out Titan OG. It is sure to make any stoner very sleepy. Enjoy the Kush Vibes, my friends. HIGHly Recommended 6.9/7

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