Vaporizer Review: CFX by Boundless

Today, Rob reviews that Boundless CFX Portable Vaporizer.

Boundless CFX

The CFX is a portable vape that has attempted to capitalize on some design features of other higher end vapes. When I opened this vape and went through the box, they include a concentrate adaptor for the oven, which I find a little sketchy with all that cotton they have in there. This thing also does not know how it wants to be charged. Either via USB or pin plug. Pick one and stick with it guys!

The “convection” oven I find rather large to gain any efficiency points. You can use it with small loads, but to me, there are other options out there for that. I found that a load of 0.5 at a minimum to get decent results is required. I am very impressed by the heat up time. It is among the top for any vape that is out there. Heating it up to 365-380 will take you 30 seconds. With that fast heat up time, I do find that to be hard on the batteries. Giving you a total battery life of around 30 minutes.

The CFX is a pain to fill, I find it messy and extreme care needs to be taken to not spill. It feels pretty solid in the hand, a reminiscent swivel mouthpiece, hepatic feedback (it vibrates). The draw you get from this vape will be hot, there is a very short cooling path so watch it on higher temps.

It is fairly easy to clean. Like any vape try not to leave any used material in there after your session. It makes it hard to clean later. Brush it out, maybe some iso on a bristle pipe cleaner and get to cleaning. It cost $180.00 on their site. Which isn’t a bad price, I just find there are others out there that perform much better.



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