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Marijuana and Coffee – Does Drinking Coffee Improve Your High?

When it comes to the world of drugs, coffee is the mustard to marijuana’s ketchup – they are a match made in heaven. Why is it that these two popular drugs complement each other so much, you ask? Does drinking coffee really help to improve your marijuana high? Well, there’s a bit of a relation […]

Top Celebrity Lines of Weed

A Look at the Top Celebrity Lines of Weed   Weed legalization is quickly spreading across many states in the US with more states coming forward to legalize the use of marijuana for recreational purposes. With the state of California coming into the fold as well, Hollywood has shown more benefits of the legalization with […]

Can Medical Cannabis Relieve Pain?

Can Medical Cannabis Relieve Pain? Pain is a sign that all is not well in our body. Whether it is induced by an illness or an accident, pain is generally the reason people seek medical help. Often, pain can be excruciating i.e. cause intense suffering. The good news is that there are ways to relieve […]

6 Essential Oils Your Mom Will Love (Seriously)

Rick-rolling you? OF COURSE we wouldn’t do that to you. This really is a Certified Blog Post all about 6 essential oils your mom (or your mother figure) will totally love. If you’ve ever bent near a plumeria bush and taken in its gentle, tropical scent … then you’re already well acquainted with essential oils. […]
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