Top 10 Ways to Reduce Your High

From Heavens Back to Earth — 10 Ways to Reduce Your High

We know the importance of getting high, but there is nothing wrong in staying on the ground at times.

The high being discussed in this post is usually the result of overdosing. It is important to know about your limit before inhaling in some marijuana.

Like they say prevention is better than cure.

So, here are some tips, for helping you come back to reality.

1.     Get stoned according to your schedule

Before rolling those joints, do have a look to the activities you have to indulge in. if you have some business meeting or an appointment then the high dose of THC might get you sedated. So keep those joints away.

2.     Drink like you haven’t drunk since ages

If you are high and want the effect to wear off quicker for whatever reason, hydrate your body so it can detoxify the high THC in your bloodstreams.

3.     Start munching

Start eating, veterans suggest that crunching on snacks after an intense pot session helps reduce the unwanted high.

4.     Sleep

Like they say when in doubt take a nap. Sleeping may help because it is a natural way of calming your mind down. A quick nap before a meeting will do the job for you.

5.     Citrus effect

Vitamin C is known to reduce the high you don’t need. So drink a large glass of orange or any other citrus fruit; if fruits are not accessible then vitamin C pills will work pretty fine too.

6.     Engage in a physical activity

An overdose can cause stress and anxiety, in such a situation you are recommended to engage in a physical activity, like go to the gym and workout. Your brain releases endorphins that will make you stress and anxiety free.

7.     Shower

Take a cold bath as this will lower your heartbeat, your body temperature will lower down and it will lower your high too.

8.     Meditate

It may seem difficult but if you are stoned with an overdose, give meditation a try. Gazing meditation, a method in which you focus on a certain object to clear your mind from distractions. It can’t hurt to try!


9.     Phone a friend

Another easy way to get distracted from stressful feelings is to call your best buddy. A long chit-chat, full of gossips with your hommie over the phone is the remedy that might do the trick for you.

10.                       The last hope

We have saved the best for last.

If nothing that’s mentioned above helps, then this is your last hope.  Toke in some CBD high marijuana strain. Not going in the science behind it, but in simpler words, it will undo the effect that THC is responsible for. Like they say a diamond cuts another diamond.

Next time you realize you got carried away a bit during your stoning session, just don’t panic because you know what to do.

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