Top 5 Stoner Cartoon Characters from Your Childhood

5 Animated Stoners That Made Your Childhood Dope

We all loved or probably still love cartoons! They helped us learn new things and most importantly, they kept us entertained.

Well, you might be unaware of the fact that a lot of cartoons from our childhood had a lot of marijuana references indirectly, or even directly in some of the cases.

So, embrace yourself to get stunned from a fun fragment of your past.

1.     Scooby-Doo

We all have loved this cartoon and some might still watch it in their spare time. Watching the mysteries getting solved by a bunch of teenagers and their dog was fun. But if you noticed there was something unique about shaggy and Scooby; a duo of best friends who sat at the back always giggling.

Do you remember that every time they got excited there used to be strange clouds of smoke surrounding them? You still think that the courage they got was from a Scooby snack? Hell, NOOO; Scooby snack was just a trap for our minds, the courage and calmness they used to get was by toking a joint.

So, the next time you wonder ‘Scooby Dooby do where are you?’ He might be busy rolling the paper.

2.     Popeye the Sailor Man

An evergreen cartoon character created back in the 20’s, Popeye has been cherished by generations. We all desire the strength and the courage that Popeye had back in the days. Most of us ate spinach because of that dude.

Well, sorry for bursting your bubble but eating spinach was just a hoax; back in the 20’s spinach was slang for marijuana. Well, there were other references as well:

  • The pipe in his mouth, what do you think was in it?
  • His name POP-EYE—we all know what makes our eyes pop, not spinach certainly.
  • The energy he used to get could only be provided by a good joint!

Now you know that he was actually Popeye the high man.

3.     Puff, the Magic Dragon

This is when the cartoon industry went for the direct approach; the name says it all, with puffy eyes this dragon not only exhaled smoke, but inhaled some to get the high he needed to fly.

The cartoon is based on a poem with references of getting stoned. While certain words were edited out, they did forget to edit one thing: the name.

4.     SpongeBob SquarePants

Well, this cartoon has occasionally referred to ways to get high.

In the episode named “Spongebob’s Last Stand” an indirect reference was made regarding pot smoking; when SpongeBob sings an edited version of the poem telling a routine of a person who smokes pot throughout the day.

I smoke two joints in the morning;
I smoke two joints at night.
I smoke two joints in the afternoon.
It makes me feel alright.

The routine was changed to that of jelly fishing to make things unclear.


5.     Slowpoke Rodriguez

If you have watched Looney Tunes in your childhood, you will certainly recognize this mouse. Cousin to the famous Speedy Gonzales, this mouse was not so fast. Sleepy eyes, tired body and lost mind: these were the salient features of his personality.

The producers of this cartoon forgot to be subtle when they made Rodriguez sing a famous poem “La Cucaracha”—a spanish verse with a direct reference to marijuana.

Don’t believe us? Go and watch yourself…

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