Vaporizer Review: Silver Surfer Vaporizer by 7th Floor Vapes

Today, Rob reviews the Silver Surfer Vaporizer by 7th Floor Vapes

Silver Surfer Vaporizer by 7th Floor Vapes

Out of the box, or should I say bag, the Silver Surfer Vaporizer is a very unique unit. Straight from the manufacturer, it comes with a slew of handy accessories. 7th Floor has also included many add-ons that will enhance the overall experience of this device.

The Silver Surfer, or SSV, is a pure convection vaporizer. Meaning, the heating element they have incorporated into their design, heats up the air that you pull over it. Then that heated air is pulled through your dry herb, at which point it will reach temperatures to begin the vaporization process.

There is one thing that I have found with this vaporizer, there is a slight learning curve or a technique to it. I find that pulling fast for a few seconds, allowing the hot air to do its job, taking a quick breath, then taking a nice, deep flavorful draw at a slower pace is quite satisfying.

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They include a “hands-free” device that will hold the spherical wand in place. You are free to set down the mouthpiece and take a short break before going at it again. You can leave it overnight without the worry of wasting your product.

The vapor production with the SSV can vary slightly depending on the material used, temperature, and how fast or slow you are drawing. Once you have reached the optimal temperature the clouds are plentiful and tasty. Again, the technique is key!

The 7th Floor Crew produces too many attachments and upgrades to mention. Although it doesn’t come with the Essential Oils Kit, I got to test one out. This kit makes the SSV an even more versatile unit. It not only is still the regular Silver Surfer Vaporizer, the Essential Oil Kit (EOK) turns the SSV into an E-Nail for concentrates. My setup for testing was mainly running it through a rig with their water pipe adapter to test the main unit. The vapor temp and taste from this method are outstanding.

With today’s trends, low temp dabs are what everyone is talking about. The Silver Surfer Vaporizer is controlled by an analog knob on the front and I liked to have mine turned to about 1 o’clock when using the EOK. This upgrade is made to maximize your product with smaller, more controlled dabs; unlike the many multiple gram dabs, you see people taking on YouTube. After speaking with 7th Floor, I understand that they are developing a new XL quartz insert for the Essential Oils Kit. *

The Silver Surfer is a pretty sturdy device, being a desktop vaporizer, it should not go anywhere. I did not feel restricted to my SSV, even though it does have tubing or a whip attachment. They also include a very nice Hempster carrying bag if you do choose to take it on-the-go or to a friends house.

For the craftsmanship, I find that it is really well built. The ground glass male/female ends fit really well together. The bag that is included is absolutely amazing. You can pack up all your gear and take it to a party or where ever you need to. All while inside a padded bag.

The instructions for the SSV give a decent grasp of how the vape works. They could have expanded on some things, but they do have several videos online that further explain things.

The SSV comes with a limited lifetime warranty and a 3 (three) year warranty on the electrical parts. Also, a 30-day warranty on the glass, but does not cover for accidental breaks.

It is really efficient and the flavor is amazing! You can put 0.2 or up to 0.6 comfortably in the wand depending on your needs. You should stir the material often to prevent hot spots and maintain even vaporization. They include plenty of extra screens when the time comes to clean your wand. And over cleaning is very simple. You are set if you have 91% iso on hand and some pipe cleaners.

For the overall look of the Silver Surfer by 7th floor shines. When ordering, you can have any custom image, not copyrighted, put on to your Custom WRS Silver Surfer Vaporizer. Making it truly a one-of-a-kind desktop vaporizer.

The Silver Surfer goes for $270.00. That is an affordable desktop compared to most. It can do a plethora of different things, and do them well. You don’t see that too often in the vape world.

Finally, I will say the testing out the Silver Surfer has been an amazing experience. I will be adding one to my home collection. This base model has amazing capability out of the box. As the 7th Floor Crew says, Ride the Wave!

Stay ELEV8D! Rob Will

This vaporizer, plus more is available at

Silver Surfer Vaporizer 

Essential Oil Kit

*Silver and Super Surfer Vaporizer come with XL quartz insert 10/10/2018

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