Accessory Review: Pollen Press by 7th Floor Vapes

Today, Maddy reviews the custom pollen press by 7th Floor Vapes.

Pollen Press by 7th Floor Vapes

Making your own cannabis hash has never been so easy. It’s Maddy here again from ELEV8 Presents, to bring to you another dank product review of the Pollen Press by 7th Floor Vapes. There were not any directions and I went into this review never have used a Pollen Press before. Through trial and error, I learned the easiest way to press pollen/ kief/ or other herbs. Here is how I did it. 

Step 1

First, I place one spacer at one end of the pollen press. Then, I started with packing my kief that I collected from my 7th Floor Grinder into the other end of the press. 

Then dropped extra metal spacers into the center and screwed on the end. With it’s easy to grip ends tightening was a breeze.

Step 2

Second, I put the press into my oven at 300 degrees for 7 mins or less (depending on how dark you want it). After you take it out of the oven pop it into the freezer for the press to cool. For the best results and optimum smoking, pleasure keep the pollen press in your freezer for 1-1.5 hours. The wait will be difficult, but worth it in the end when you have your own homemade hash! BEWARE IT WILL BE HOT!

You can even speed up the process a little more by using a torch instead of the oven. But reader beware, just like the oven, IT WILL BE F#CKING HOT!

Step 3

Just unscrew the end and viola, HASH! If you follow all the steps properly you will make a perfect compact hash puck that you can put on top of bowls, in a vaporizer, or even in a joint or blunt. So, whether you’re pressing kief for topping bowls or playing hash hockey, the 7th Floor pollen press has you covered!

Perfect little hash pucks every time!

You would never have known making your own hash could be so easy. Pick yourself up a pollen press today at or Available in silver and purple! See you next time! 


This item and many more cannabis accessories can be found at

Pollen Press

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