True or False? Some Vaping Myths Debunked.

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If you watch the evening news, or spend any time browsing the Facebook feed of that “one” friend you have, you’re well-aware that vaping myths are everywhere. Maybe your crazy uncle Kevin has you convinced that vaporizers are cleverly-designed alien technology designed to steal human DNA. From vaporizers that were designed by tobacco companies to explode (so that users would buy more cigarettes), to vaporizers that don’t really vaporize (and just produce finer smoke), we’ve heard some doozies in the realm of vaping myths.

Crazy uncle Kevin and conspiracy theories aside, we thought we’d take a moment to examine some of these vaping myths once and for all. Occasionally, there’s a nugget of truth to the vaping hype. Many times, however, vaping myths are bunk.


1. Vaping Is a Great Way to Stop Smoking

TRUE. In case you didn’t already know that smoking is super bad for you, let’s go ahead and clear this up. SMOKING IS SUPER BAD FOR YOU. In addition to all the chemicals used for processing and the presence of noted carcinogens, there’s no such thing as a “safe” smoking method. Why? Because you’re still inhaling smoke, which is never a good thing for your respiratory system.

You can read more about why you should stop smoking here. But if you’re on the hunt for a way to kick the butts, our vaporizers can help! In fact, the American Heart Association even recognized vaping as a safer alternative to smoking. Plus, you can vaporize way more than just tobacco. Amirite?


2. Vaping is Bad for the Environment.

FALSE. Just like for your body, vaping is also better for the environment. An estimated 1.69 BILLION pounds of cigarette butts wind up as non-biodegradable toxic trash each year. In terms of weight, that’s the equivalent of 322,642 fully-loaded Ford F-150 pickup trucks. Besides making a dent in the world’s cigarette butt waste, a 2016 study found that exhaled vapor particles decayed and evaporated in seconds.

Vaporizers from 7th Floor Vapes also feature rechargeable batteries and our Dime Bags are made from super-tough, eco-friendly hemp. Are we going the extra mile? We’re going the extra 7 miles.


3. Vaping Provides a Solution for Those Suffering with Chronic Lung Disease

TRUE. Many people suffering with asthma or COPD find relief in certain plants and herbs. But in some instances, inhaling smoke causes more negative side effects than positive effects. Vaping provides a vital balance between being able to enjoy the positive effects of certain plants and herbs while also protecting the lungs from the negative effects of smoking.

Click here to read more about this topic.


4. Vaping Leads to Teen Smoking

FALSE. Like many vaping myths, this was circling social media and news outlets for a while before one study from the CDC settled the matter once and for all. Not only does vaping NOT lead to teen smoking, it’s inversely proportional. For anyone who skipped statistics class that day, this means that for every increase in vaping in a study group, there was an identical decrease in smoking.


5. (Not Vaping Myths Related) O’Doyle Rules

TRUE. O’Doyle does, in fact, rule.

o'doyle rules vaping myths


Be sure to check back on our blog regularly for the latest from the 7th Floor Family and all your vaping myths needs.

Until next time, Ride the Wave!

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