Cannabis Accessory Review: The Huny Bucket by 7th Floor Vapes

Today, Maddy reviews the silicone Huny Bucket by 7th Floor Vapes. It’s more than just a dab container!

The Huny Bucket by 7th Floor Vapes

Tired of wasting dabs? Tired of your dabs sticking on the sides of your glass or plastic containers? Well, worry no more because 7th Floor has your solution. It’s Maddy here with ELEV8 Presents bringing to you the Huny Bucket by 7th Floor Vapes. With the non-stick silicone double layer, you can store the stickiest of ickiest waxes inside and be able to get them out with ease. With its twist seal and its hard outer layer, you do not have to worry about sticky pockets.

You have multiple colors to choose from, and you get a pre-printed sticker picked at random. Honestly, if you are talented enough you could draw your own and insert it.  Your Huny Bucket will always be your number one choice for holding all of your concentrates. You can put any type of wax, LIVE Resin, shatter, crumble or rosin in it with no problems.

It doesn’t just work for concentrates, you can throw a nug in there for your on the go adventures. You can even use the containers for homemade lip balm if you know how to make your own. The possibilities will go as far as your imagination takes it.

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The Huny Bucket by 7th Floor Vapes

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