Interview with Scott a Glass Blowing Artist And Maker of Griffin Glass Tools

Griffin Glass Tools Are Top of the Line!

Walking threw CHAMPS we got a chance to meet up with the one and only Scott Griffin of Griffin Glass Tools.  I personally know the tools they make are top of the line as we have 16-foot pedals running at our studio.

Griffin glass is out of upstate New York.  Scott has been blowing glass for over 18 years now.  Luckily he moved to Eugene just at the right time many moons ago to find his way into this super neat industry.  Now with the way the industry has grown Scott can get all the glass resources right here in New York.

Scott’s favorite technique to do is the wrap and rake.  I agree with him that this is one of the greatest techniques in glass, and can be done in so many ways.  The neat wrap and rake have been used for 1000’s of years in glass.

Some of the best ways Scott promotes himself is on Instagram, going to trade shows and doing classes to really get that one on one with people.

Scott points out that he loves the intricacies of glass, and that a blower must really put the time and energy into the glass in order for it to be high quality.  Time and energy, equal a great time and leads to an incredible artwork.  Some inspirations Scott gets are from the scene.  The hard work people put into the work they do is one of the biggest inspirations.  Scott own personal drive to create is what really inspires him to make his art.  From bringing in a ceramic business to this, creation is where the love comes from.

If you are looking for high-quality glass tools you can take it from us here at Elev8 Presents that Griffin Tools are some of the best in the industry and Scott is here to take care of you.

And fuck ya does Scott believe in those crazy creatures called aliens.


Visit Scott at his Instagram page 




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